Haverhill City Council Contest Up to 15 Candidates—Still Shy of Requiring Preliminary Election

(Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News.)

The race for Haverhill City Council is up to 15 candidates—still shy of the number necessary to trigger a September preliminary election.

City Councilor Colin F. LePage is the latest to take nomination papers from the Haverhill City Clerk’s office. Other incumbents seeking re-election so far, in order of pulling papers, are City Council President Melinda E. Barrett and Councilors Timothy J. Jordan, Michael S. McGonagle, Joseph J. Bevilacqua, Thomas J. Sullivan and John A. Michitson. Council challengers, to date, are former City Councilor Kenneth Quimby, former candidate Fred Simmons, Tomas Michel, previous candidate Katrina Hobbs-Everett, William Taylor, Josiah Morrow, Dee Jacobs O’Neil and Catherine Rogers.

Catherine Rogers. (Courtesy photograph.)

In a recent statement, Rogers said she has lived in Haverhill most of her life, spent most of her life as small business owner and worked as a local real estate agent for over 15 years. “Haverhill City Council has been working on some very important issues regarding our great city over the years. They’ve done impressive work and I can’t wait to bring a fresh perspective to the city. I have seen the issues that our city has faced and I feel that it’s time I give back to make a difference,” she said.

At least 19 council candidates would have to return nominations papers and have them certified with residents’ signatures. Sitting Councilors Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and William J. Macek have not taken out nomination papers.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini pulled papers for a 10th term. Challenger Guy Cooper, a Haverhill police officer, took out papers earlier. A preliminary in that race would be triggered if a third candidate were to enter the race.

School Committee candidates previously taking papers are incumbents member Richard J. Rosa and Maura Ryan-Ciardiello and newcomer Miguel Andres Quiñones. School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti has not yet pulled papers. A preliminary election in that contest would take place if seven or more candidates seek office.

Candidates have until July 23 to take out papers from Haverhill City Clerk Linda L. Koutoulas’ office and until July 27 to return them with enough signatures.

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