PBS’ ‘White House Chronicle’ Features Haverhill’s Museum of Printing on Current Show

Museum of Printing President Frank Romano.

Haverhill’s Museum of Printing and President Frank Romano are currently featured on the weekly PBS news and public affairs program “White House Chronicle” in a segment called “American Newspaper Printing from Hot Type to Computers.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Llewellyn King, executive producer and host the program, recently visited Haverhill’s Museum of Printing. During a portion of the program, Romano explains how the evolution of advertising changed how news was distributed.

“You have to follow the advertising. If you look at the advertising dollar, that determines everything. And when radio came along, there were actually ads in printing magazines that were anti-radio because advertising dollars were going that way,” Romano told King.

The episode began airing last week and can also be viewed on demand here.

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