U.S. House Includes Rep. Moulton Plan for Double Track on Haverhill Commuter Rail Line

Downtown Haverhill commuter rail stop. (WHAV News file photograph.)

A proposal to add six miles of double track on the Haverhill commuter rail line between Lawrence and Wilmington has made it into the House Surface Transportation Bill.

Besides the set of additional tracks to address a bottleneck on the line, Congressman Seth Moulton said Friday, his proposal also includes the Lynn Complete Streets Project, Lynn Commuter Rail Station Rehabilitation and Peabody Canal Riverwalk Construction—a total of $19.5 million in local projects. Moulton is a member of the House committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

“These projects will give people more choices for how they get around, which means more freedom from traffic congestion. It was disappointing to see most Republicans vote against a transformational infrastructure bill, and it remains a fight to get this through the Senate, but we are one big step closer to funding important projects for the great people I represent,” Moulton said.

The House passed the Investing in a New Vision for Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act. The bill must still advance through the Senate, which has yet to pass its own surface transportation bill. After both chambers have bills, the House and Senate will meet to conference over the two bills before one eventually heads to the president’s desk.

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