Greater Lawrence Tech. Students Complete COVID-19 Vaccination-Themed Sculpture for Lawrence

Greater Lawrence Technical School metal fabrication juniors, from left, Juan Reyes of Lawrence, Brady Valliere of Methuen, Carlos Burgos of Lawrence, Keishaly Tellez Jimenez of Methuen and Anya Santiago of Lawrence. (Courtesy photograph.)

Students and staff at Greater Lawrence Technical School recently completed a COVID-19 vaccination-themed sculpture for the City of Lawrence.

Approximately 10 metal fabrication juniors began working in May alongside instructors to build a metal and plexiglass heart sculpture commissioned by Mayor Kendrys Vasquez for Lawrence. The heart will be filled with plexiglass slats representing the percentage of the community which has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Brady Valliere, a Methuen junior in the metal fabrication program, said it was “very cool” Vasquez asked students to work on this project.

“It will be in the city and as the heart fills up I can tell my mom, ‘yeah, I made that for the City of Lawrence.’ It’s a really big honor to actually do this and be part of their team,” Valliere said.

Superintendent John Lavoie said the sculpture was completed June 16 and will be installed this summer.

“Of our sending communities, Lawrence has been hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our students witnessed that firsthand. It was an honor for them to be able to build this sculpture, and use their skills and knowledge to create a visually appealing work of art representing the healing and hope of the ongoing vaccination effort,” Lavoie said.

Metal fabrication instructor Stephanie Dicecca sketched the design for the sculpture, which students then referenced to bring the concept to life.

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