Haverhill Native and Poet Comeau Asks Essential Workers of the Pandemic What They are Thinking Now

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Editor’s Note: Haverhill native Raymond F. Comeau takes time with his current poem, “We’re Thinking Justice,” to call attention to the essential workers of the pandemic.

Comeau previously reflected on phases of the COVID-19 pandemic in two poems published by WHAV, “Poem For A Pandemic” and “Waiting For A Cure.”

Now of Belmont, Comeau is a retired dean and current lecturer at Harvard University Extension School. He is also a trustee, emeritus, of the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace in Haverhill.


(a poetic drama in three acts)

Act I:  Hope

What are you thinking

Essential workers

About a world that only some

Have greedily ruled

 (With you left out)

But breaking like Humpty-Dumpty

Act 2: Sacrifice

What are you thinking

Who risk it all

Bagging groceries serving food

Delivering fixing cleaning

Inserting breathing tubes for us

And then go home

Act 3: Disappointment

What are you thinking

Pandemic heroes

As all the old powers

With all their old ways

Try desperately pasting

Humpty-Dumpty together again

Raymond Comeau © June 2021

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