Police Looking for Methuen Man, 31, Alleged to Have Helped Send Cocaine Through the Mail

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Police are looking for a 31-year-old Methuen man who is wanted in connection with, what officials call, “a wide-ranging drug trafficking conspiracy that involved dozens of parcels suspected of containing kilograms of cocaine sent from Puerto Rico to various addresses throughout eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”

Of nine people charged, only Felix Baez-Munoz of Methuen remains a fugitive, according to Acting U.S. Attorney Nathaniel R. Mendell’s office. Investigators intercepted eight parcels and seized more than 16 kilograms of cocaine from the mail. On Thursday, investigators seized various firearms, 21 kilograms of cocaine and more than $100,000 cash.

“That’s illegal and dangerous, of course, and it is an affront to the hard-working public servants in the U.S. Postal Service,” said Mendell. “The trafficking conspiracy was detected and dismantled thanks to effective investigative work by the people who protect our mail system and by local and state law enforcement,” he added.

Joshua W. McCallister, acting inspector in charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Boston, said in a statement, “Winning the battle against illicit drugs is a top priority for the Postal Service and the Inspection Service. Our objectives are to rid the mail of illicit drug trafficking and the associated violence, preserve the integrity of the mail and, most importantly, provide a safe environment for postal employees and Postal Service customers—the American public.”

Since February of 2020, police have been investigating a drug trafficking organization operated by 39-year-old Patrick Joseph of Stoughton. Based on a wiretap investigation, Mendell’s office charged, Joseph coordinated the transportation of 10-20 kilograms of cocaine at a time from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. Cocaine seized by investigators was found concealed in two-kilogram quantities inside air fryers and locking cash boxes before being sent through the mail.

All nine are being charged with conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and cocaine base. None of the other men resided locally, but came from Randolph, Hyde Park, Chelsea, Brockton and Harwich.

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