Governor’s Councilor Duff Plans to Seek Job of State Auditor Being Vacated by Bump

Governor’s Councilor Eileen Duff. (Courtesy photograph.)

Governor’s Councilor Eileen Duff said this week she plans to seek the state auditor’s job now that Auditor Suzanne Bump has announced she is not running for a fourth term.

Duff was elected in 2012 as a governor’s councilor for Massachusetts’ 5th district. She said Bump leaves a legacy that “will no doubt be difficult to live up to.”

“Auditor Bump has set a new standard for the office and we owe her our deepest gratitude for all she did to ensure transparency and accountability in our state’s government. With her work, Massachusetts has truly become a leader in this mission,” Duff said in a release. She added, “I am committed to protecting the public dollar and working with all government agencies to ensure best practices are implemented, all for the benefit of the taxpayer.”

Bump, who was also a state representative and labor secretary under Gov. Deval Patrick, said she wanted to make way for “another leader who shares my commitment to making government work better and building the public trust to pursue this mission.”

Duff said she vetted potential judges as a governor’s councilor, while also fighting for the transgender public accommodations bill, noting, “When we confirmed the most diverse Supreme Judicial Court in our state’s history, I didn’t consider our job done, I called for us to do the same in the lower courts.”

Prior to her election, Duff worked as a chaplain for the Hospice of the North Shore and Greater Boston. She was also appointed by President Bill Clinton to work as confidential assistant to Commissioner Rachelle Chong at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, where she won many awards for public service.

She currently resides in Cape Ann with her wife Jan.

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