Bagnall Elementary’s Leadership Team Complete with Erhardt Becoming Assistant Principal

Jim Day, left, who was named principal in April, is being joined by Brenda Erhardt who was hired as assistant principal at the Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall Elementary School. (Courtesy photograph.)

Groveland’s Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall Elementary School’s new leadership team is complete with the hiring of a new assistant principal from within the district.

Brenda Erhardt, currently teaching at West Newbury’s Dr. John C. Page Elementary School, was selected Bagnall’s assistant principal. Pentucket Regional School District Superintendent Justin Bartholomew said Erhardt has worked as an English-Language Arts teacher in the district for 17 years.

As assistant principal, Erhardt will evaluate and supervise professional and support staff as well as plan, organize and implement curricular and administrative functions. Her responsibilities will also include assisting the principal in building management, enabling communication with families, identifying various student support needs and opportunities for growth and assisting in the analysis of schoolwide curriculum and teaching.

Erhardt joins Principal Jim Day, who was formally appointed as principal in April after serving in that post on an interim basis.

Catherine Page was selected to serve as information technology and digital learning director for Pentucket Regional School District. (Courtesy photograph.)

Bartholomew also reported hiring Catherine Page as the new information technology and digital learning director for the district.

Page, who has served for the last four years as a technology integration and media specialist for Newburyport Public Schools, has worked in media and technology for almost 40 years with news networks, schools and universities. She will work with academic leadership to develop methods and strategies to integrate technology into the curriculum; manage all information technology resources including personnel, budgets, network infrastructure, academic and administrative systems, security systems and voice over IP phone services; and lead a team of five full- and part-time support staff.

Page and Erhardt begin their new roles July 1.

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