Artist Andy Li is May’s Artist-in-Residence at The Switchboard, Downtown Haverhill

Looking toward Washington Street from The Switchboard. (Courtesy photograph.)

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Boston-based Artist Andy Li is May’s artist-in-residence at The Switchboard of Haverhill.

Li is devoting the first half of his residency to exploring the Haverhill area and delving into “truck culture” as it relates to the local, working class community. Li plans to use Haverhill-based imagery and information from his conversations and research to create vinyl logos emulating those used as advertisements on windshields of commercial trucks.

“Li’s belief in the suggestive nature of positivity, and the ways it manifests itself throughout his often text-based work, will be a welcome perspective in a city that has often struggled with the perception of positivity,” The Switchboard said in a statement.

An interview with the artist, conducted by The Switchboard Director Sarah LoVasco, takes place over Zoom and Instagram live Wednesday, May 19, from 7-8 p.m. An exhibition of his artwork, which includes printed tee-shirts, stickers, limited edition prints and possibly an actual windshield, will be open to the public Friday, June 4, from 6-9 p.m.

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