Haverhill Health Board Rescinds Local COVID-19 Orders, Deferring to Current State Rules

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In a sign the coronavirus pandemic may be nearing an end, the Haverhill Board of Health today rescinded its previous protective mandates, opting instead to follow Gov. Charlie Baker’s timetable for a return to normalcy.

The Health Board repealed its first order, adopted more than a year ago, that placed conditions on essential businesses, such as extra cleaning, mask wearing and prohibitions on gatherings. It also ended requirements to wear masks while downtown and in certain other zones and prohibitions on youth sports, both adopted separately last October. Health Board Chairman Peter Carbone explained the city is now relying only on state policy for consistency.

“It’ll be a lot easier if everybody’s following the state rules than having all of these small things hanging around,” he said.

Member Romie N. Mundy II spelled out the current state guidance. “My understanding of the state orders are it’s no mask outside as long as you can maintain social distancing and masks are required inside currently under the state order,” he explained.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, who attended the meeting, called on the Board last week to meet after giving orders required masks signs around the city be removed.

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