Haverhill City Council Hears Plans Tonight for 18 Condominium Units off Boston Road

Architect’s rendering of proposed tri-plex condominium building off Boston Road in Haverhill.

The public has opportunities to shape policy this week as various Haverhill boards meet. In the interest of transparency in government, WHAV provides this list of upcoming meetings every week.

Haverhill city councilors tonight are being asked to approve a special permit to construct 18 condominium units off Boston Road in Haverhill.

A group called Boston Haverhill is proposing six tri-plex buildings on a three-acre parcel that currently includes the single-family home of David W. O’Leary. If approved, a subdivision would be created, keeping O’Leary’s existing home and building the condominium buildings, according to documents filed with the city by attorney Paul A. Magliochetti of Sheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras and Magliocchetti. He said each lot meets zoning requirements for three-family units.

O’Leary has owned the land since 1998 and proposes a new street and cul-de-sac to be called O’Leary Way, which will be 28-feet-wide, as required by updated road regulations. Economic and Planning Director William Pillsbury Jr. has given his conditional favorable recommendation.

The Haverhill City Council will also begin a discussion of how the city should spend new COVID-19 aid included in the recently approved American Rescue Plan Act.

The item was placed on the agenda by Council President Melinda E. Barrett and Councilors Colin F. LePage, John A. Michitson and Timothy J. Jordan. Michitson, in a related item, is proposing some of the money be used to subsidize broadband service providers for delivering internet to low-income households.

The City Council meets at 7 p.m., online and in the Theodore A. Pelosi City Council Chambers, room 202, City Hall, 4 Summer St., Haverhill. As a public service, 97.9 WHAV plans to carry the meeting live.

In other public meetings this week:

Tuesday, March 30

Haverhill Board of Assessors meets to discuss farm excise and boat bills, real estate and excise tax abatements and hear a new construction overview, Tuesday, March 30, at 9 a.m., in room 115 of Haverhill City Hall, 4 Summer St., Haverhill.

Wednesday, March 31

Haverhill City Council Natural Resources and Public Property Committee hears a proposal by Debbie Lyons to establish a permitting process for bow hunter tree stands. The committee meets online and in-person Wednesday, March 31, 6 p.m., in the Theodore A. Pelosi City Council Chambers, room 202, City Hall, 4 Summer St., Haverhill.

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