Sen. DiZoglio, Mayor Perry Say it Will Take a Year to Vaccinate Methuen Residents at Current Pace

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

State Sen. Diana DiZoglio and Methuen Mayor Neil Perry yesterday called on Gov. Charlie Baker’s Administration to send more COVID-19 vaccines to Methuen, saying at the current rate it will take a year to vaccinate residents.

Their pleas come on the heels of Methuen being again designated one of the state’s high-risk, “red” zones.

“While we appreciate the Administration recently, finally providing the City of Methuen with some vaccines, the allocation needs to be significantly ramped up now, at a time when the community needs it most,” said DiZoglio. “We are continuing to see the bulk of vaccines go to the mass vaccination sites, which are inaccessible to many residents, especially among our most vulnerable populations.”

Perry said he is “grateful” the city received 600 vaccine doses during the last several weeks, but is concerned about the continuing high rate of coronavirus transmission.

“That, combined with the announcement yesterday of near-term eligibility dates for remaining citizens, makes it imperative that we are able to increase the supply to match the demand. We need the pace of vaccine distribution increased to enable every resident of our community to get vaccinated—because at our current pace, it would take more than a year—and that is simply unacceptable.”

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