Haverhill High Students Present Ideas for Greater Diversity in Teaching Materials

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Haverhill High School students not only welcome diversity, but introduced a framework last Thursday night for multicultural changes to learning materials.

The Haverhill School Committee heard from high school student leaders who presented ideas for creating greater diversity in the school’s curriculum

Haverhill High School Student Council Vice President Rebecca Hamel said students began working last summer on a plan to bring greater representation of minority groups, women and others who are often left out of traditional teaching programs.

“Not only do we want students to learn about other cultures, but we want them to be able to learn about themselves. We feel as though focusing on more cultures will bring so much benefit and so we want all scholars in this district to feel heard and seen and that starts with representation within the classroom,” she said.

Hamel said diversity within the curriculum helps students relate to the material being taught.

The curriculum changes, some of which have already begun to be implemented, are in all areas of study including art, science, business and technology, English, history, language and mathematics. One example in science would be the study of the evolution of skin color.

Other presenters included Nathaniel Buteau, Halley Prunier and Student Council President Gabriela Vargas who told the committee the group’s long-term goal is to see all of the neighboring schools within the district adopt similar changes to their curriculum particularly in lower grades.

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