Developer Proposes Five Apartments in Existing Downtown Haverhill Mixed-Use Building

Haverhill City Hall. (WHAV News file photograph.)

A wooden mixed-use building not far from the downtown Haverhill train station is slated to become five apartments if the City Council gives its approval for a special permit tonight.

Developer Timothy Woodland proposes to locate five residences at 149-153 Washington St. According to the application, the existing building was built around 1900 and converted in 2003 to a commercial condominium on the first floor and two residential condominiums on the second floor. Under Woodland’s plan, the second floor would remain two units, but three residences would be created on the first floor.

Woodland currently owns one of the residential condominiums with Trisha H. Wishart, while the other upstairs unit is owned by Ismael Gonzalez. The first-floor commercial unit is owned by Sven Amirian Family Nominee Trust. All gave consent for Woodland’s application to be filed with the City Council.

Economic and Planning Director William Pillsbury Jr., in a letter last week to city councilors, noted the city’s Planning Board gave its conditional approval to the project. Those conditions include water and sewer improvements. Pillsbury added, “The proposed project is consistent with housing stock in the surrounding neighborhood and represents the opportunity to have infill housing that will serve to bring additional stability to the area by improving conditions and property values.”

The Haverhill Board of Appeals previously granted a variance to allow seven parking spaces where seven and a half are required under a city formular of 1.5 spaces per unit.

The Haverhill City Council meets online at 7 p.m. As a public service, 97.9 WHAV presents the meeting live.

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