Podcast: Haverhill’s Ruth House Reminds Residents in Need of Availability of Free Clothing

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Haverhill’s Ruth House is reminding residents that free new clothing is available for seniors and others in need.

Recently, the Lafayette Square nonprofit began a streamlined clothing referral program, allowing persons to obtain help directly rather than having to go through a social service agency. With photo identification and proof of receiving assistance, residents may receive up to 10 articles of clothing, four times a year.

Ruth’s House Executive Director Amy Smith-Boden, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, says individuals may receive up to three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks and a pair of “long johns.” All of this clothing is new. The organization’s flagship program also provides free coats to people over the age of 50 with proof of assistance.

Ruth’s House programs are paid for, in part, by its thrift shop which remains open to the public, selling clothing and other household goods.

“We do have a lot of household items. In fact, that’s where we do our best business, is in household goods. So, things like kitchenware, insta-pots, air fryers, toasters, espresso makers and also a lot of cloth goods like curtains and bedspreads. They do very well for us because we do charge a price for that. Most of our donated clothing, which is high-quality clothing, that walks out the door for free, so we do charge a very reasonable price on the household goods and kitchen items, but that’s where we do most of our business,” she explains.

Smith-Boden says regular shoppers are always looking for newly arrived items being donated to the organization. She adds these are good quality items, in working condition—something, “you might give to someone else.”

People looking to donate items to Ruth’s House are asked to follow these simple guidelines.

“We ask you, please, to donate between our hours when the receiving dock is open. We have a receiver who can judge everything coming in and say ‘yes this is good for us’ or ‘no this doesn’t work for us, but maybe donate in another location.’ Our receiving hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10-4 and on Saturday from 10-2. That’s when we have a door open in the back and we have the floor space and manpower to work with your donations,” she adds.

Ruth’s House, at 111 Lafayette Square, also provides a bilingual client referral coordinator who can assist with appointments, Tuesdays to Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Additional information is available by calling Ruth’s House at 978-521-5575.

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