Haverhill’s Parking Commission Meets Tomorrow to Discuss the Return of Paid Parking Downtown

Haverhill Farmers Market mural as seen at the Herbert H. Goecke Jr. Memorial Parking Deck in May 2018. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The public has opportunities to shape policy this week as various Haverhill boards meet. In the interest of transparency in government, WHAV provides this list of upcoming meetings every week.

Members of Haverhill’s Central Business District Parking Commission plan to discuss the return of paid parking to downtown Haverhill when it meets online tomorrow night.

Specific roll out issues such as the effective date, enforcement, public notifications and a possible exception when the Farmers Market opens are on the agenda.

Last month, the Haverhill City Council approved a recommendation by Mayor James J. Fiorentini to increase parking fees from 50 cents per hour to one dollar per hour. John Burke, the city’s Parking Consultant explained why the increase is necessary.

“There’s been three studies done over a number of years, all really coming to the same conclusion that the rate has fallen significantly behind the market as well as the cost associated with the parking program. So, the dollar an hour helps us to pay for all the operations associated with managing the parking and also be able to replace the capital equipment associated with it,” he said.

Councilors also voted to make paid parking hours uniform throughout the area. The new hours will be from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. in all locations. The city will also begin charging for parking on Saturdays, which has been free until now. Fiorentini said this change is needed because people who come downtown to shop or dine on weekends cannot find parking spaces.

The Parking Commission, headed by Chairman Karl Brunelle, also plans to discuss 15-minute parking spaces at the Phoenix Row lot.

In other public meetings this week:

Tuesday, Jan. 19

Haverhill Board of Assessors meets to discuss excise tax abatements and status of statutory exemptions and real estate and personal property tax abatements, Tuesday, Jan. 19, from 9-10 a.m., in the Assessor’s office, room 115, Haverhill City Hall.

Wednesday, Jan. 20

Haverhill’s Central Business District Parking Commission meets online Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 6 p.m. See above.

Community Affairs Advisory Board meets online Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 6 p.m., to preview requests for proposals and schedule for using federal Community Development Block Grant money and related topics.

Haverhill Board of Appeals meets remotely Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m., to requests for zoning variances from Ignatos and Thespina Tsagaris for a new single-family home at 71 Jaffarian Road and from Russell and Jennifer Douglas for an accessory apartment at 73 Snow Road.

Thursday, Jan. 21

Merrimack Valley Planning Commission members meet online to discuss, among other items, the hiring f Ian Burns as targeted economic development specialist. The meeting takes place Thursday, Jan. 21, at 11 a.m.

Haverhill Retirement Board plans a special, remote meeting Thursday, Jan. 21, at 12:30 p.m. to review resumes for the position of retirement assistant and form an interview committee. Members will also discuss possible support for the Medicare Buy-In Program.

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