Traditionally Seen Only at Christmas, Covanta’s Star Gave Hope All Year During the Pandemic

The star at Covanta’s energy-from-waste plant in Ward Hill, overlooking I-495. (Courtesy photograph.)

It has ushered in the holidays for more than 30 years, sending a seasonal message of hope, joy and peace.

This year, Covanta’s star towering over Interstate 495 in Haverhill took on added significance as the coronavirus upended lives. Back in March, Facility Manager Bill Zaneski said, “At the request of the local community asking us to re-light the star during this challenging time, the star was turned back on today as a symbol of hope for all.”

The gesture did not go unnoticed. One resident summed up her feelings in a social media post.

“Mornings tend to be the hardest for me, as the anxiety of what the day brings, thoughts how will it unfold, etc., swirl around my brain. But, on my drive to work every morning, I see this star and it just gives me pause and a brief moment of calm. ‘Everything is ok. We’re all in this together,’” she posted.

The star typically appears each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Market Area Manager Mark Van Weelden explained the star was created using one light for each state of the union and all 50 lights are powered by the energy from waste facility.

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