Podcast: Haverhill Garden Club Says There is Still Time to Show Your ‘Holiday Doors of Haverhill’

One of the holiday door submissions shown on the Haverhill Garden Club’s page in 2020. (Courtesy photograph.)

With guidance urging people not to congregate this holiday season, the Haverhill Garden Club has found a socially distant way for people to enjoy each other’s creativity.

The Club’s first “Holiday Doors of Haverhill” celebration encourages residents to decorate their front doors and then send in photographs for online sharing. Haverhill Garden Club member Kathy Fitts, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, explains.

“Well our group was thinking about what a difficult year this is, and, of course, some people don’t feel like decorating because they’re grieving. But, a lot of us who are lucky enough not having a direct touch, but are feeling a lot of anxiety this season, and not be able to have the annual Christmas parties or Hanukkah gatherings or whatever people celebrate. We just thought, what if we use our Facebook page to display all the lovely doors that people put some effort into to make our spirits brighter,” she says.

Fitts was pleased with the response as of last week.

“We’ve gotten 53 submissions so far. You can find them on Haverhill Garden Club’s Facebook and scroll through. My personal goal is 100. We’ll see. We’re very excited about all the ‘likes’ we’ve been getting. I’ve also been sharing the Haverhill Garden Club photos on other Haverhill sites like Historic Highlands, All Things Haverhill, Haverhill News. Trying to have as many eyeballs as possible on the beautiful doors that people are decorating,”  Fitts adds.

There is still time to submit photographs. Simply email them to [email protected]. Fitts notes this isn’t a contest and there are no prizes. It’s just a way for people to share the spirit of the season with picture of their decorated door. You may view the photos on Haverhill Garden Club’s Facebook page.

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