Rent and Mortgage Assistance Available to Valley Families Through State, Local Programs

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With the Coronavirus pandemic holding its grip since, some are finding it difficult to make their rent or mortgage payments, but help is available.

Greater Lawrence Community Action Council Director of Social Services Annmary Conner, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, points to a state program, Residential Assistance for Families in Transition—or RAFT for short.

“This is actually a program that helps people are renters and own your own home. This is across the state, and we help anybody here in the Valley—the Merrimack Valley—with that. What RAFT does, if you’re impacted by COVID, or you’re just struggling to make your rent, or mortgage, you can apply for rental assistance, and that’s right on our web page. You can apply for rental assistance or mortgage. It can help you get caught up, or depending on your circumstances, maybe even going forward,” she says.

Connor says the agency partners with Community Action of Haverhill in administering the RAFT program. Connor adds, those in need may get the forms, and even apply online, at There is also a program that is specific to North Andover.

“They have a wonderful rental assistance program for people who were impacted by COVID, who have lost some income and are struggling to get caught up on their rent. They can reach out to the town webpage and apply for some rental assistance, and they go through the process of the application, and it gets sent to me and I work with the family on getting part of their rent covered,” she adds.

Connor says the North Andover program is through the Affordable Trust that town officials created. The town web address is

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