Methuen Police Department Offers Monitored Meetup Site for Completing Online Sales

Sign at Methuen Police Station, 90 Hampshire St., Methuen. (Courtesy photograph.)

The Methuen Police Department is providing a safe and secure meeting spot to complete online transactions.

Mayor Neil Perry and Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon said Methuen residents completing transactions started online may go to the police station, 90 Hampshire St., to meet buyers or sellers at a designated Internet Purchase Exchange location in the station’s parking lot.

“We’re happy to be able to provide this service to our residents to ensure they have a safe way to buy and sell items with people they meet on various online marketplaces,” Solomon said.

By using the police station as a meet-up location, residents may avoid sharing addresses with strangers or meet strangers at their home. While Methuen Police say they cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of items residents purchase online, the online transaction safe zone provides residents with a secure, monitored public place to complete a sale.

The parking lot is under constant video surveillance.

Methuen Police also remind residents to be especially cautious when buying or selling valuable items and to bring a friend or family member to any meet-ups and conduct transactions during daylight hours. They should also wear masks and practice social distancing to the extent possible.

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