Methuen School Committee Approves Use of Former Pleasant Valley School for Youth Center

The former Pleasant Valley School is being proposed for a Methuen Youth and Community Center. (Courtesy photograph.)

The Methuen School Committee voted Monday to approve the former Pleasant Valley School as the location for a new Methuen Youth and Community Center.

The vote comes on the heels of state Sen. Diana DiZoglio efforts to establish a formal youth center in the city. DiZoglio, who recently marched 159 miles across Massachusetts to raise awareness and support for the project, noted Methuen is among the few communities in the Merrimack Valley that does not have such a center like many surrounding cities and towns.

“I am so grateful to Mayor Perry, Superintendent Kwong and the entire School Committee for their thoughtful deliberation of how to best support the youth in this endeavor,” said DiZoglio. “They had a great discussion and we are lucky to have such a great group of people who genuinely care decide to help make the vision of a Methuen Youth and Community Center a reality. We are so thankful!”

Nonprofit Inspirational Ones, in collaboration with Methuen Public Schools and the city, initiated the program. An essential project component is participation by the Youth Advisory Council Methuen Youth—known as “MY” for short, Voice.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry said, “The dream has been ongoing for decades. Sen. DiZoglio, the City of Methuen and the School Committee are committed to making it a reality. Methuen is full of young people and families who deserve such a facility.”

Susan Leger Ferraro, founder of Inspirational Ones, said, “We are beyond excited to begin this innovation with MY Voice leadership pioneering the way! Thank you to Mayor Perry and the School Committee for demonstrating the power of community to open doors for a unified future.”

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