Podcast: For Fire Prevention Month, Haverhill Firefighting Museum Provides Children’s Packet

Cynthia Graham and Maria Fontaine during an earlier WHAV broadcast.

With this month being Fire Prevention Month, the Haverhill Firefighting Museum is issuing a new Home Fire Safety Activity Packet to help families learn important lessons.

The museum’s Cindy Graham and Maria Fontaine were recent guests on WHAV’s morning program. Graham says the idea for the fire safety activity packet came about because the museum, at 75 Kenoza Ave., is closed for the season due to COVID-19. As Graham explains, the packet includes 10 tips for fire safety, a smoke alarm safety sheet and other suggestions.

“You should have an escape plan and a meeting place. A fire safety maze like practicing getting to your meeting place and then, very importantly, we teach this at the museum, in our Hero’s Headquarters, when you do call 911, what you should know and why you should call like the reasons you might call 911. You can also practice on a pretend keypad and then we have a little activity page where they would cut out emergencies, like a fire, big or small. Should you call, yes or no? Then they would paste it in the appropriate area,” she said.

Fontaine said the packet is downloadable from HaverhillFirefightingMuseum.org and print versions may also be requested there.

“We wanted it to be available to both teachers and parents because it’s something that they could utilize in a school setting. It’s something the kids can do the activities on their own if they’re a little bit older, but it also makes a great conversation between parents and kids and it’s an easy way to talk about a difficult subject,” Fontaine said.

The Fire Safety Activity Packet is designed for children ages from kindergarten to the sixth grade.

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