Thanks to Cannon, This One Didn’t Get Away; Emu Becomes a Jail Bird

Are you missing this emu found on 17th Avenue in Haverhill? (Haverhill Police photograph.)

LiMu Emu and Doug from Liberty Mutual insurance commercials. (Courtesy photograph.)

It was the one that didn’t get away.

Unlike the character Doug in Liberty Mutual insurance commercials featuring LiMu Emu who screams when a customer gets away, Haverhill Animal Control Officer Michelle Cannon got her bird.

Responding to reports Wednesday of a large bird in the neighborhood, Cannon went to 17th Avenue to find the ostrich relative perusing the area. With the help of Haverhill Police patrol officers, the emu was safely captured and, it could be said, became a jail bird.

Liberty Mutual describes LiMu Emu and Doug as the “over-the-top duo who appear on the scene to share their knowledge and help protect people from paying too much for insurance coverage.”

Cannon has served the city for more than a decade as animal control officer. Haverhill Police said she has found herself in many strange incidents over the years “involving a wide variety of animals from common domestic animals to moose and bear.”

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