Rep. Vargas Joins Ex-Govs. Weld, Patrick as Honorary ‘Yes on 2’ Campaign Co-Chair

Rep. Andy Vargas testifying on a bill. (Photograph by Sam Doran/SHNS.)

The ballot campaign to bring ranked choice voting to Massachusetts on Monday named Haverhill Rep. Andy X. Vargas as an honorary co-chair, joining two former governors—a Democrat and Republican—among others.

The ‘Yes on 2’ campaign said Vargas, who filed the House bill to enact Ranked Choice Voting along with another co-chair Rep. Adrian Madaro, joins former Govs. Deval Patrick and William F. Weld and former Lt. Gov. Kerry Murphy Healey.

“Voting Yes on 2 is about building a stronger democracy that puts power in the hands of the people.,” said Vargas. “This question can be boiled down to a very simple principle—that candidates that win elections should win with more than 50% of voters supporting them.” Without this, added, majority rule is sidelined for minority and special interest rule.

Vargas leads an online discussion about the effects of ranked choice voting within the Latino community on the topic tonight at 6. The conversation, available in Spanish and English, talks place via Zoom with Yes on 2 campaign manager Cara McCormick. Registration takes place here.

Vargas said passing ranked choice voting increases diversity, decreases polarization in campaigns and helps “restore faith in our democracy in a time when we need it most.”

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