Verizon Service and Communication Failures Are Causes of WHAV Being Off the Air Saturday

Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell using infrastructure that would become part of Verizon.

97.9 WHAV’s programming could not be heard most of Saturday on FM radio because of Verizon system and customer service failures.

WHAV’s programming continued at and other online services such as TuneIn. The radio station apologizes for listener inconvenience and appreciates the many calls of concern it received.

The telephone company’s hard-wired communications infrastructure ironically traces its history back to Haverhill’s Thomas Sanders’ work with Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870s. As a result of the poor condition of Verizon’s network, WHAV is reviewing alternatives for its Silver Hill transmitter site.

The Haverhill City Council—particularly Councilor John A. Michitson—has long called for improved connectivity in Haverhill.

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