Update II: Identity of 21-Year-Old Haverhill Stab Victim Revealed at Arraignment of Alleged Killer

Evanda M. Jackson, 46, at his arraignment Sept. 1, 2020 in Haverhill District Court. (WHAV News photograph.)

4:40 p.m. Update

The 21-year-old man, stabbed to death Tuesday morning, was identified as Izayah Cruz, during the arraignment Tuesday of his accused killer, Evanda M. Jackson.

Haverhill District Court Judge Patricia A. Dowling ordered Jackson, 46, of 10 Kimball St., held without bail pending a hearing Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Haverhill Police were dispatched to Boardman and Water Streets just before 4 a.m., Tuesday, discovered a car accident and found the stab victim’s brother yelling for help. Police said Cruz, of North Street, Haverhill, was the driver of the car and had a stab wound in the center of his chest. Officers said he displayed a blue complexion and was “cold to the touch.” Police began CPR and were joined shortly by Haverhill Fire and Trinity EMS. Cruz was pronounced dead at Holy Family Hospital.

Cruz’s brother told police his brother had earlier been with a 22-year-old woman who lived next door to Jackson. During the earlier encounter, two men—one matching Jackson’s description—approached Cruz and “scratched” him. Interviewed at the police station, Jackson said the initial confrontation came when Cruz accused him of “disrespecting” him by talking to the woman and offering her drinks.

Cruz left, but returned shortly thereafter with his brother to confront the men. After Cruz reportedly left his car and “screamed” at Jackson, his brother told police, Jackson pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Jackson told police, however, that he warned the two brothers he had a small knife in his waistband. He added, the brother appeared to moving towards him with an “elongated weapon” when Cruz punched Jackson in the face. In a separate report, the brother acknowledged he was carrying a red metal wheel lock device. Jackson responded by stabbing Cruz once in the chest and then went back to his house.

Cruz drove the car since his brother did not know how to drive a standard transmission.

A police report said Jackson is employed by Anna Jaques Hospital of Newburyport. Assistant District Attorney Jessica Strasnick asked that Jackson be held without bail, while defense attorney Robert L. Sheketoff of Boston argued the man should be granted bail since he has lived in Haverhill 25 years and has close ties here.

11:02 a.m. Update

A 21-year-old Haverhill man is dead from a stab wound and a 46-year-old man has been charged with his murder.

Carrie Kimball, spokeswoman for District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett confirmed WHAV’s initial report and added Evanda Jackson of Kimball Street, Haverhill, was arrested and charged with murder.

As WHAV News reported earlier, the stabbing took place on Kimball Street, between John and York Streets, near the Acre neighborhood. The still-unidentified stabbing victim reportedly was on his way to Holy Family Hospital, Haverhill, when the car crashed at the corner of Boardman and Water Streets. The district attorney’s office fixed the crash time at 3:48 a.m. The 21-year-old was taken to Holy Family Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Haverhill and State Police cordoned off both crime scenes. Kimball said the district attorney’s office, Haverhill Police and the Essex State Police Detective Unit are actively investigating. Jackson will be arraigned in Haverhill District Court.


Haverhill Police investigate at Water and Boardman Streets. (Jay Saulnier photograph for WHAV News.)

WHAV News is investigating reports of a stabbing death early this morning in Haverhill.

Haverhill and State Police cordoned off two different crime scenes—one on Kimball Street and the other at Boardman and Water Streets—beginning about 3:15 this morning. Unconfirmed reports from the scenes suggest the stabbing took place on Kimball Street, between John and York Streets, near the Acre neighborhood. The stabbing victim reportedly was attempting to drive—or was being driven—to Holy Family Hospital when the car crashed at the corner of Boardman and Water Streets.

Police marked Kimball Street in yellow flags and inquiries were referred to District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett’s office. The district attorney is typically responsible for disclosing any unexpected deaths.

Witnesses say a man was taken to the Haverhill Police Station for questioning. The report has not yet been confirmed.

This is a developing story. Listen to 97.9 WHAV for more information as it becomes available.

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