Nick Maccario Breaks His Own Record, Sets New Course Record at Bradford Country Club

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Last Sunday was a record-breaking day at Bradford Country Club as Haverhill-native Nick Maccario set a course record, shooting a 56 and breaking the previous course record, that he also held.

Maccario, now of Waltham, told WHAV listeners Tuesday morning that he didn’t begin the day with any expectations.

“I’ve grown up at Bradford and Garrison, and just have played a ton of rounds of golf there. So, didn’t feel anything necessarily special going into it. A couple of years back I shot 63 which is 8 under par, and on Sunday, long story short, ended up shooting 15 under 56. So, definitely broke the record,” he explained.

Maccario said he was four under par thru the first six holes, and eight under thru nine.

“At that point I just said ‘let’s have fun.’ I was playing with good friends, and we were all playing pretty well. It was easy to play. My friend, Nick Antonelli, who’s a pro—so watching him play was easy. He shot 64 on his own ball the whole day, as well. It was one of those things where we got to the 12th hole, 13th hole, started to get to double digits under par, and Nick Fiset said don’t let off the gas pedal. Just tried to make as many birdies as I can. You have the opportunity to make that many on any given day, or any given round. We had perfect weather so I just went out there and tried to make as many circles on the scorecard as I could,” he said.

On the day, Maccario scored five pars, 11 birdies and two eagles at Bradford. While growing up in Haverhill, he had a chance to work at the Bradford Country Club and get in a few rounds of golf. He played four years of golf at St John’s Prep, as well as some competitive golf at Saint Anselm’s College. Now, Maccario plays in various local, regional and national tournaments in his spare time.

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