Local Author Scott Goudsward’s Novel, ‘Fountain of the Dead’ to be Reissued by Crossroad Press

Haverhill author Scott T. Goudsward during a 2016 appearance over WHAV.

“Fountain of the Dead.”

Haverhill author Scott T. Goudsward has entered into an agreement with Crossroad Press to re-release his most popular novel, “Fountain of the Dead.”

The novel begins in Boston, where a night at the theater and a meteor shower ends with the dead walking the planet. A decade later, living in a fortified cul-de-sac in Medford, a group of refugees has etched out their survival. At times they’re not sure who to fear more—the zombies wandering the streets or the power-mad overlord of Boston. One day, a crazed environmentalist shows up at the gates with a claim of a cure for the zombie plague. A handful of volunteers decide to follow the half-mad scientist on a road trip through hell to the Everglades, where he believes the cure exists. This, of course, assumes the cure exists, the zombies and/or the assassins from Boston don’t get them, and they don’t kill each other.

By day, Scott is a slave to the cubicle world. By night, he jokes, to the voices in his head. He is also the author of a vampire novel, “Trailer Trash.” Goudsward writes horror primarily but has branched out to sci-fi and fantasy. He is one of the coordinators of the New England Horror Writers. In addition to numerous anthology appearances, he also co-authored the “Horror Guide” series of regional guides to locations used in horror—both print, and film. The next volume, “Horror Guide to Southern New England,” is set to be released early next near.

Crossroad Press was founded in 2009 and is located in North Carolina. The publisher has become a widely respected digital publishing company that includes a print component. Specializing in digitizing the back lists of established authors and or literary estates, it has published more than 1,600 titles electronically as well as 500 audiobooks.

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