Officials Seek to Help Man Who Dropped Off Rabid Raccoon at Methuen MSPCA

Video surveillance of dark colored pickup truck at MSPCA Nevins Farm.

The identity of a man who dropped off what turned out to be a rabid raccoon last Wednesday at MSPCA Nevins Farm in Methuen is being sought by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

According to Methuen Police, state health officials were told the man had been keeping the animal in his home and feeding it, bringing a potential exposure to rabies. Disease transmission can occur when saliva or nervous tissue from an infected animal penetrates the skin through a bite, scratch, fresh wound or feeding or when the animal’s saliva enters someone’s eyes or mouth.

The raccoon was dropped off by a man driving a dark colored pickup truck Wednesday, Aug. 5, at about 10:40 a.m. at Nevins Farm, 400 Broadway. The animal was submitted to the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory and tested positive for rabies.

The man, or anyone who may be able to identify him, is asked to contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at 617-983-6800 (available 24 hours-a-day). The man may also contact his health care provider for a risk assessment. Following an exposure to rabies, disease can be prevented with prompt administration of rabies post-exposure medication.

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