Haverhill Committee Says Mount Washington Crosswalk Poorly Located, but Solution Elusive

(File photograph.)

The location of a Mount Washington crosswalk places pedestrians at risk because of visibility problems, but possible solutions could hinder emergency vehicles.

During a meeting of the Haverhill Traffic and Safety Committee yesterday, police Sgt. Kevin Lynch says the crosswalk near Benedetti’s Deli and Riley’s Corner really doesn’t belong there.

“Basically, the crosswalk in front of Riley’s, it’s too close to the intersection right now, so it should not be there. So, if a vehicle is taking a right-hand turn and they’re not following the area that is striped, the lane they should be in, they are never going to see you crossing the crosswalk,” Lynch explains.

The committee discussed the possibility of eliminating parking in front of Riley’s as well as narrowing High Street. It was pointed out, however, that that could cause problems for fire trucks and emergency vehicles attempting a right turn onto Washington Street.

Committee members decided Fire Chief William F. Laliberty and two other committee members would visit the site and suggest a better solution.

In other action, the Committee recommended there should be no parking on Monument Street near Haverhill High School. At present, people park there when dropping children off for school and committee members acknowledged that taking the option away could pose an inconvenience. However, members decided drivers must pull into the school parking lot to drop off students.

Similarly, the committee endorsed a pick-up and drop-off only sign between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. in front of the Head Start Child Care Center at 230 Hilldale Ave. School officials reported people parking there create a danger for young children exiting school buses in the morning. Lynch emphasized it is also important for bus drivers to use flashing red lights when parked.

Committee members also recommended creating a four-way stop at the intersection of Klondike and Grandview Avenues, posting a no-parking sign on the north side of William Street from the intersection of White Street and lengthening the time of the green light on Kenoza Avenue where it intersects with Webster Street.

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