DiZoglio Wins Support for $230K Methuen Playground Equipment Upgrades, Fitness Trails

State Sen. Diana DiZoglio. (State House News Service.)

Methuen will be receiving $230,000 for parks and recreation improvements if Sen. Diana DiZoglio gets her way.

DiZoglio’s amendment to a bond bill was recently approved by the state Senate. The money can be used toward expenses associated with upgrades to playground equipment at Veterans Park and Forest Lake, the installation of fitness trails in city parks and other park and open space improvements across the City of Methuen.

“With COVID-19 continuing to prevent community members from congregating indoors, providing well-maintained open spaces for Methuen residents is more crucial than ever,” said DiZoglio. “During and beyond this emergency, this investment will help to ensure all generations, young and old, have vibrant and safe outdoor environments to enjoy.”

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry said, “With coronavirus still preventing people from congregating freely in enclosed spaces, providing safe and well-maintained open spaces for our residents is more important than ever before.”

DiZoglio acknowledged release of the money is dependent on Gov. Charlie Baker.

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