Haverhill’s Crescent Yacht Club May Adjust Offerings to Allow Reopening Sooner

Crescent Yacht Club. (WHAV News photograph.)

The Crescent Yacht Club in Haverhill, locked out of business reopening plans, is looking into what can be done to help the seasonal charitable nonprofit take advantage of the summer weather.

Lisa Corr of the Crescent Yacht Club, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning show, explains Gov. Gov. Charlie Baker’s phased reopening plans aren’t going in the nonprofit’s direction.

“We got disappointing news that the governor pushed bars out, and right now, because we don’t sell food, we are classified as a bar, pushed us out to the third phase which is July 20th. We were supposed to open at the end of this month, but the executive board is meeting to decide whether they want to go forward and get a permit to sell food,” she says.

Corr says the delayed opening is harming the Ferry Street club’s finances, which are being strained to cover monthly expenses including electricity, insurance, the alarm company and taxes.

“I talked to the Board of Health the other day. There were three things. You need a safe-serve person, someone who has a certificate for anti-choke and certificate for algae. We have two members who have safe-serve and then I think the health department needs to come over and safe-serve our kitchen. There are things you have to do, which whatever has to be done, if the executive board decides to go that route, we’ll do what has to be done to open up,” she explains.

Corr says the Crescent Yacht Club also presented a scholarship last year that funds the student each year while they are in college—and they intend to honor that scholarship, even though the money isn’t coming in to cover it.

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