Essex County Sheriff’s Department Officers, Recovered from COVID-19, Donate Plasma

Essex County Sheriff’s Department Officer Andrew Yan has fully recovered from COVID-19 and donated his plasma to help other coronavirus plasma with their recovery. He is one of eight ECSD officers who are donating plasma. (Courtesy photograph.)

Eight Essex County Sheriff’s Department correctional officers who have recovered from COVID-19 are donating plasma in hopes of helping other coronavirus patients in their recovery.

Officers Antony Yan, Timothy Banahan, Brendan Walsh, Patrick Wortham, Michelle Mitchell, Almir Hamidov and Paul Costa have fully recovered from the virus, which makes them candidates to donate what is called “convalescent plasma.” The plasma contains COVID-19 antibodies which can attack the virus in patients suffering from the illness.

“These officers are going above and beyond the call of duty to help others in this battle against COVID-19,” said Sheriff Kevin Coppinger. “The men and women of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department always put public safety first. These donations demonstrate the courage and dedication of all correctional officers, especially during trying times.”

Officer Yan had a mild case of COVID-19 with symptoms lasting about four days. He donated his plasma on May 19. He said the process was very easy and very similar to the process of donating blood.

“I decided to donate my plasma because I wanted to give those suffering this illness a helping hand. I was fortunate enough to have it for a short amount of time, while others are still out there fighting. I just thought it was the right thing to do,” Yan said.

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