Haverhill City and Ward Democrats Meet Remotely Wednesday for Quadrennial Reorganization

Haverhill Democrats are meeting remotely this Wednesday to carry out reorganization which takes every four years following the presidential primary election.

State law requires city and ward committees to choose a chairman, secretary and treasurer—and the latter cannot be a public employee. The Haverhill Democratic City Committee meets first to conduct general business, reorganize and make plans for the fall election. Each ward will then meet, organize and elect new members before coming back together as the City Committee to wrap up.

The online video or telephone meeting via Zoom takes place Wednesday, April 29, at 7 p.m. Democrats who wish to participate must email to Chairman William D. Cox Jr. at [email protected] no later than 11 a.m., Wednesday. Those unfamiliar with Zoom may visit zoom.com, download the app at no cost and review brief tutorials.

Any registered Democrat who wishes to join the Committee is encouraged to participate, as anyone not elected a member of a Ward Committee during the presidential primary, may be elected during the meeting.

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