Baker-Katz Nursing Home Residents Enjoy Outdoors and Oldies Music on Beautiful Spring Day

Billy Glynn plays piano and sings at Baker-Katz Nursing Home near a new inspirational message painted by muralist Jeffrey Morgan of Haverhill. (WHAV News photograph.)

Billy Glynn sang for residents of Baker-Katz Nursing Home yesterday. In performing Elvis’ “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog,” he may as well have been singing the coronavirus is no friend of mine.

The virus had kept residents mostly in their rooms and facing many restrictions over the last month, but their determination paid off.  Bucking a horrifying trend among nursing homes, they successfully kept the virus from coming in. Baker-Katz Administrator Devon Cormier explains regulations were followed and all precautions taken to make sure everyone felt safe and comfortable.

“And, we’re going to keep fighting as hard as we can to keep it safe,” she said.

Spaced apart, residents were able to come outside as temperatures reached 60 degrees and enjoy Glynn play the piano and sing. It was a reward for the 59 residents who literally stayed the distance for more than a month.

Cormier says Glynn’s selection of soft rock favorites was a welcome change and pleased residents and staff alike. “I like all of it. This guy’s actually really great. We got some good Elton John on. He’s really very different, very good.”

Glynn, of Rowley, has performed at Baker-Katz before as well as other area nursing homes since he began entertaining at nursing homes seven years ago. “They like me there so I was very excited to go along and entertain the people. It was a beautiful day.”

For those who may be curious, Glynn says he is asked all of the time, but he is not related to Haverhill’s famous Glynn family. The former city-owned nursing home was named for former Mayor Albert W. Glynn.

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