Pentucket Regional School Teacher to Train Others Nationally in Eureka Math Program

Sara Treem, a math teacher at the Helen R. Donaghue School Donaghue Elementary School, has been selected to train educators across this country in the Eureka Math program for 10 days this summer. (Photograph courtesy of Pentucket Regional School District.)

A 13-year veteran of Pentucket Regional School District has been hired to travel the country this summer to teach other educators about the Eureka Math program.

Sara Treem, a Title I math teacher at the Helen R. Donaghue School for students in grades three through six, will travel for 10 days this summer to train educators in the program.

Pentucket Superintendent Justin Bartholomew said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Sara to expand her understanding of implementing the Eureka curriculum and hone that knowledge, and we’re excited for the insight she’ll be able to share with other math educators here at Pentucket after this experience as well.”

Eureka Math is a Great Minds curriculum that teaches students mathematics by using real-life examples. The curriculum also helps students to build on their mathematics knowledge gradually, helping them to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The Eureka Math curriculum was implemented districtwide at Pentucket two years ago, and Treem participated in Eureka trainings in the summers of 2018 and 2019.

“As a result of this curriculum, we’re able to really make sure students are connecting with the subject, understanding the concepts they’re learning about and building a deeper knowledge of mathematics that will support them as they return to math throughout their lives,” Treem said.

Treem will attend two three-day trainings in March and April of this year in New Orleans to prepare her for her role this summer.

She’s already organized several Eureka professional development opportunities for her peers at Pentucket along with others trained in the program, and plans to expand on those trainings after attending the trainings in New Orleans later this spring.

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