Agriculture Group Calls on Fiorentini to Name Full Complement of Farmers to New Commission

Chris’ Farm Stand, 436 Salem St., Haverhill. (File photograph.)

Now that three members have been appointed to the city’s new Agricultural Commission, the group, Haverhill Friends of Agriculture, is calling on Mayor James J. Fiorentini to name a full seven-member board.

Last October, Devan Ferreira of the Haverhill Friends of Agriculture first planted the seed with the City Council to have an Agricultural Commission. She told councilors farmland is being threatened by development. Haverhill Friends of Agriculture.

In a statement, the group said, “Ideally, our Ag. Commission members will represent the diversity of our city’s farms as well; from Bradford to each corner of this city-with large- and small-scale growers, equestrian operations, livestock and vegetable producers alike.” Members also reminded the mayor that state law requires the majority of the Commission must be farmers or employed in agriculture.

A week ago, the mayor named former mayoral rival Tyler Kimball of Kimball Farm to lead the Commission. Concern was expressed, however, over his appointment of Maura Bailey, a local lawyer and former assistant district attorney. Councilor Timothy J. Jordan, among others, feared the mayor would pack the group with non-farmers. Fiorentini said he was still soliciting names and this week he appointed Stephanie Lesiczka, 49 Corliss Hill Road, to the Commission.

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