Alleged Gang Member Tied to Saturday Shooting Participates in UTEC Violence Prevention Program

UTEC's Miguel Quinones, left, and Jonathan Lunde joined Bill Macek on WHAV's Open Mic Show in 2018 to discuss their efforts in Haverhill. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Aidan Z. Rodreguez booking photograph.

At least one of the two Lawrence brothers arrested in connection with Saturday’s Mount Washington shooting is a participant in UTEC’s gang violence prevention program.

At their arraignment Monday in Haverhill District Court, 20-year-old Aidan Z. Rodriguez and his 18-year-old brother, Isaac R. Rodriguez were ordered held without bail until a hearing next week.

Court documents reveal Aidan Rodriguez is employed by UTEC as a cook. While UTEC’s Gregg Croteau declined to talk with WHAV on the record, the nonprofit recruited to Haverhill in 2018, has always made clear its mission is to work with gang members most at risk, get them off the streets and mentor them after they return from serving time in prison. In an on-air interview with WHAV in 2018, UTEC’s Director of Streetwork Jonathan Lunde explained.

“One thing we never do is tell anyone to leave a gang. I’ve never done that in 10 years. That’s not my decision to make. That does happen sometimes: You take someone from the street and put them into programming and maybe it doesn’t work the first time, but we never give up on people. At UTEC, we give people unlimited chances to change,” he said.

Issac R. Rodriguez booking photograph.

That Aidan Rodriguez listed his occupation as cook is consistent with UTEC bringing in youth, ages 17-25, to participate in its workforce development program, including culinary arts.

Both were arrested early Saturday afternoon. The older brother was charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, carrying a firearm without an identification card and carrying a firearm without a license. The younger one was charged with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, carrying a loaded firearm without a license and malicious destruction of property. Both have been identified by Lawrence Police as members of one gang. Haverhill Police report the intended target is a member of a rival gang.

Report: Innocent Residents Were at Risk

In his report, Detective Sean M. Scharneck noted other residents were outside during the warmer-than-normal winter afternoon. He said, “…this reckless act occurred with no regard for the safety of the citizens in the area.”

WHAV has previously reported on the ongoing gang feud dating back to at least a May 2016 shooting at Haverhill’s Swasey Field. (See Although the alleged gang affiliations are known to WHAV, it is the radio station’s policy not to name gangs and afford them additional notoriety.

According to a police report, Officer Ryan Barbera first heard gunfire while on patrol before 1:30, Saturday afternoon, followed by two men running across High Street and down Jackson Street in the direction of Washington Street. Officer Chery Victoria also responded, spotting men matching Barbera’s description. Victoria chased the men on foot, eventually focusing on the younger brother who was running while trying to keep an object from falling out of his coat pocket. Ordered to remove his hands from his pocket, the youth stopped running and tossed out a black handgun. Meanwhile, Officers Barbera and Michael Tortorise drew weapons and ordered older brother Aidan to stop after he had resumed running. The man laid face down and was arrested. No weapon was found on him.

A later police review of video surveillance describes the two men running out of Jackson Street Extension with the older brother turning around and firing three shots at a home. Scharneck’s review of the home showed a bullet hole in the window and one in an interior hallway door. A revolver was found on a High Street sidewalk.

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