Updated: Haverhill Shooting, Second at Same Address Since Sept., Brings Brothers’ Arrests; No Injuries

(Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News.)

Two brothers are expected to be arraigned today in Haverhill District Court in connection with a Saturday shooting incident—the second at the same address since September—in the Mount Washington neighborhood

No injuries were reported, but there was property damage at 65 Jackson St. Ext.—near High Street and not far from Swasey Field.

Haverhill Police arrested 20-year-old Aidan Rodriguez and his 18-year-old brother, Isaac Rodriguez. They were charged with assault with intent to murder and other firearms violations.

The location was roughly the same as a Sunday, Sept. 15 shooting that resulted in the arrests of three people. After that daytime shooting, 18-year-old Brian Grande of Haverhill, 19-year-old Nadia Millis of Peabody and 19-year-old Jose Rosado of Providence, R.I. were charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a loaded firearm and related charges.

In that case, Grande was arrested in Lafayette Square when his Ford Focus was stopped by Patrolmen Zachary Phair. and Jordan Bergevine. Grande bailed out of the car and allegedly tossed a Smith and Wesson firearm with a 15-round magazine and had one round in the chamber.

During booking at the Bailey Boulevard police station, Grande allegedly threatened Bergevine and later said he wished he “turned my gun and shot him in the face.” Grande also made references to his gang affiliation, scratching a symbol into the wall of the police station’s jail cell. He also “said it was his gun and he was returning the favor that his enemies did to him.” Although Grande’s gang affiliation is known to WHAV, it is the radio station’s policy not to name the group and afford it additional notoriety.

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