Haverhill Councilors Ask MassDOT to Fix Timing of Route 125 Traffic Lights to Ease Congestion

Main Street as seen from Summer Street. (Courtesy photograph.)

The ball is back in the state’s court now.

A discussion of increased traffic congestion along Route 125 in Haverhill and Bradford at last night’s City Council meeting resulted in members asking the state to step in. Councilor Melinda E. Barrett raised the issue, citing long back-ups on Route 125, most likely caused by continuing bridge construction on I-495.

“It seems like the traffic going north and south on Main Street, in Bradford especially, has become insane,” she said.

The councilor went on to say the situation is causing back-ups on ancillary streets as well.

Barrett proposed the Council send a letter to the Mass. Department of Transportation requesting they look at the timing of the lights on that route to see if they could be tweaked in some way to help with the flow of vehicles through the area.

The proposal passed unanimously. The Council also agreed to send a letter to the Traffic and Safety Commission requesting their input on ways to help alleviate the problem.

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