$10.3 Million Haverhill Utility Project Replaces 100-Year-Old Pipes; Aims to Improve Fire Protection

Previous construction taking place along Howard Street. (Courtesy photograph.)

Progress is being made on a $10.3 million water and sewer project in the vicinity of routes 110 and 125 that originally began as a means to improve fire service.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini and Deputy Public Works Director Robert E. Ward this week inspected the project that began in early September on Howard Street. Fiorentini said the city began planning the project a few years ago when the fire reported it was having trouble obtaining adequate water pressure from fire hydrants in the area. The project will ultimately result in greatly improved water pressure and volume for homes, businesses and fire hydrants.

“We inspected the underground lines and found that many were more than 100 years old and were so corroded that they could not give adequate water pressure,” Fiorentini said in a statement. “We decided to replace and upgrade the water line for the entire neighborhood, and to replace the sewer line, which we also found to be extremely old and unreliable, at the same time.”

The project will eventually stretch to include Kenoza Avenue, Lawrence Street and several side streets between Main Street and Lawrence Street. Work will continue through winter and is expected to wrap up in early 2021, officials said in a statement.

Installation of temporary, above-ground, water bypass lines is taking place, with officials calling it “standard procedure whenever existing water mains are being replaced or serviced.” The work is being done in phases to minimize any disruptions of water and sewer service to residents. Officials said residents will receive notices in advance of any work that may impact properties. The notices will include names and contact information for Water and Sewer project managers.

Specific streets and areas affected by the project include Kenoza Avenue, from Humphrey Street to Lawrence Street; Lawrence Street, from Kenoza Avenue to Hamilton Avenue; Marshland Street; Columbia Park; Elm Street; Howard Street; Ashford Street; Taft Avenue; Dudley Street; Davis Place; Forest Avenue; Warren Street; Lincoln Street; Columbia Terrace; and Columbia Place

Construction is being performed N. Granese and Sons and managed by the city’s Water and Wastewater Divisions.

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