‘If You Believe…’ How a Monthly WHAV Membership Helps You

WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast” host Win Damon, left, shares a laugh with one of his morning show predecessors, “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron. Bergeron began his career at WHAV in 1972. (WHAV News photograph.)

If you believe an informed public makes for better neighbors, employees, volunteers, customers, leaders and voters, your monthly membership subscription is needed during WHAV’s current drive.

Very few people are aware newsrooms are shrinking across the country with local news the biggest casualty. In fact, a recent survey found only 14% of adults pay for local news. Let’s do better in Greater Haverhill.

Nonprofit WHAV must raise an additional $100,000 just to provide the same level of local, news, emergency alerts, sports, weather, “Win for Breakfast” live morning show, Haverhill Hillies football, live broadcasts of Haverhill City Council and Haverhill School Committee and more. It can be done. but only with your help.

Start your monthly membership with online payment or use the “Bill Me” option here or by calling 978-374-1900 weekdays. If you’re already a current member, thank you for your support of Greater Haverhill’s only public radio station.

Still not convinced, read on.

If You Believe…

In the home team, you’ll want to support WHAV’s live broadcasts of Haverhill Hillies football—home and away, all season long. Since nonprofit WHAV doesn’t receive taxpayer or cable TV money, it must rely on you to pay for these critical information services. Root for the home team and support Greater Haverhill’s only public radio station.

A city should have its very own local news outlet, you’ll want to become a monthly WHAV member during this critical membership drive. Years ago, it would have been unthinkable and a shame that a city would have no local news office. WHAV is the only Haverhill-based news source.

Those spending your tax dollars must be held accountable, you’ll want to support WHAV’s extensive local news reporting. Help nonprofit WHAV keep government transparent and responsive with your monthly membership in support of local news.

More people should run for office and more people should vote, your help is needed during WHAV’s current membership drive. As local newsrooms shrink or close, a new study finds residents don’t receive the information they need to evaluate their elected leaders. Keep that from happening here.

Local people should control their own destinies and not be at the mercy of out-of-state investors and speculators, you’ll want to support WHAV’s extensive local news reporting. Hedge fund owners are squeezing ever more profits from what used to be local media—laying off reporters, closing newsrooms and shrinking overall local news coverage. Because WHAV is owned by the public, you’re the investor. Your dividend is local news you won’t find elsewhere.

A watch dog on government ultimately saves you money. WHAV’s digging brings light into dark corners, exposing waste, fraud and abuse. You’ll receive more appropriate spending and efficient uses of your taxes and fees.

More information is better than less, become a monthly WHAV member during this seasonal drive. While we may not always agree on what event should or should not have been covered, WHAV’s philosophy is to err on the side of disclosure.

It takes a village to make a better community. At quarter past every hour, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, Community Spotlight helps local civic, cultural and charitable groups discuss good deeds, create awareness and even sell tickets—all at no cost to nonprofits. In other cities, public radio memberships pays 38 percent of the bills, but that number is far less here. Keep Community Spotlight, local news and other informative programs on the air with your monthly membership.

Everyone should know what’s happening locally. This month, WHAV celebrates three years on FM radio—a medium available to virtually everyone. The costs of maintaining studios and a tower site, though, keep going up.

The death of local news reporting places us all at the mercy of backroom dealmakers. Let’s do better in Greater Haverhill.

The loss of our downtowns as retail centers has a related impact on community life. It used to be local news was paid mostly by mom and pop retailers. It wasn’t that long ago when local news was sponsored by such downtown businesses as Mitchell’s Department Store, Hudson’s Apparel, Lady Grace, Andy Moss Appliances, Barrett’s Menswear, Karelis Jewelers and so many more. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, but they’re all gone. Without enough advertisers, news organizations nationwide are asking the public to take their places with monthly subscriptions. It’s working at the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. It can work here.

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