Mosquitos Test Positive for EEE in Methuen

(File photograph)

A pool of mosquitos tested positive for the eastern equine encephalitis virus known as EEE in Methuen, that city’s Mayor James P. Jajuga, Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon and Fire Chief Tim Sheehy told WHAV in a statement Friday afternoon. The infected bugs were trapped on Aug. 27, according to the Methuen Health Department.

The news comes shortly after a horse infected with the mosquito-borne virus turned up dead in Methuen, prompting city officials to elevate the immediate risk to “critical.”

Northeast Mosquito Control sprayed for mosquitos along the eastern edge of Interstate 93 last week, with additional spraying scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 3 from 7:15 p.m.-2 a.m. The next round of spraying is done by truck and happens east of Interstate 93. Pets should be kept indoors and while air conditioners may be used, windows should remain closed for 30 minutes once spraying is complete.

Residents with concerns are asked to call Methuen’s Emergency Operations Center at 978-382-3360.

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