New Haverhill Bus Provider NRT Using Computerized Routing Software to Reduce Travel Time

(File photograph.)

In an effort to reduce travel time and overcrowding for Haverhill Public Schools students, the city’s new bus provider, North Reading Transportation is turning to computerized routing software in time for Tuesday’s first day of school.

One month after 46-year-old Haverhill-based Coppola Bus was sold to NRT, school officials say the enhancements are expected to “make bus service more efficient and effective.”

However, as with most technology, last-minute adjustments should be anticipated. “Technology is never perfect and the routes are being tweaked as we prepare for the first day of school this coming Tuesday,” a note posted to the school’s website read.

The state’s largest student transportation provider, NRT has retained Coppola staff and plans to still house buses in Haverhill, NRT owner John McCarthy told School Committee members and Mayor James J. Fiorentini in July when the contract’s transfer took place.

All students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade living one mile from school are eligible for bus transportation. Students in grades six through eight who live a mile-and-a-half from school can ride the bus, while high school students who reside at least two miles from school are eligible.

The Haverhill Police Department continues to evaluate stops and walk areas, with parents encouraged to call NRT with concerns at 978-373-9891.

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