School Committee Approves Raising Haverhill Schools’ Minimum Wage to $12 Per Hour

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Mayor James J. Fiorentini Thursday night implored the Haverhill School Committee to raise the minimum wage for nearly 450 school employees to $12 an hour, giving at least 35 workers a raise of $2.40 per hour.

According to Fiorentini, 444 school workers—including bus monitors, cafeteria workers, after-school and summer-school instructors and supervisor, lifeguards, crossing guards, custodians and even some teachers—are impacted by the new pay structure. They had previously made $9.60, $10, $10.50 or $11.50 per hour.

“I did this previously for city workers and frankly it’s overdue for school employees. These are exactly the people who need a little boost and I intend to lobby strongly on their behalf,” Fiorentini said.

On a motion from Attorney Richard J. Rosa seconded by Scott W. Wood, the workers’ hourly wage was brought to $12 at Thursday’s meeting, passing unanimously. The rate will increase to $12.75 on Jan. 1. Up to $200,000 excess Chapter 70 funds will be used to fund the wage gap, the Committee voted.

Over the next five years, the state’s minimum wage will increase incrementally until it reaches $15 in 2023.

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