Amesbury Man Hurls Obscenities at Haverhill Police as They Arrest Him for Third OUI at Liquor Store

(Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News.)

A 54-year-old Amesbury man was arrested by Haverhill Police this week, charged with his third drunken driving offense after Patrolman Zachary Bouchard smelled an odor of alcohol and found him stumbling outside of Bradford’s Academy Liquors.

Police were dispatched to the South Main Street liquor store just before 6 p.m. June 30 after a concerned citizen called to report Christopher Shirling stumbling as he exited a red pickup truck in the parking lot, believing the guy was “drunk.”

Officer Bouchard, with the assistance of Officer Katelyn Tully, spoke to Shirling and smelled alcohol on Shirling before asking him to submit to a series of field sobriety tests.

According to Bouchard, Shirling “became visibly angry…and shouted “That’s a hard test! Let’s see you do it!” before losing his balance and almost completely falling over. When given the chance to retake the test without his flip-flips on, Shirling declined, telling Bouchard “I’m done taking your stupid tests.”

When Bouchard told Shirling he was being arrested, he shouted, ‘Oh, no you’re not!” and began to resist Bouchard, Tully and Officer Justin Graham, who joined in in an effort to take him to the ground. Once handcuffed, Shirling continued his antics, calling Tully a “c—t” and screaming “I hope you all get my f—king AIDS.”

He continued to berate Bouchard and Graham while they transported him back to the Bailey Boulevard police station, screaming “why don’t you take off my handcuffs and I’ll kick your a–.”

Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test at the Haverhill Police station, Shirling automatically loses his license for 180 days. He next appears in court in August.

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