Essex County Sheriff’s Dept. Welcomes 20 Officers Following NECC Basic Training

Correctional officers take the oath during graduation ceremonies at Northern Essex Community College. (Courtesy photograph.)

Twenty new correctional officers are joining the Essex County Sheriff’s Department after graduating last week from the Basic Training Academy at Northern Essex Community College.

Sheriff Kevin F. Coppinger administered the oath to Robert Burrell, Christian Calix, John Comerford, Brian Dettorre, Kyle Houghton, Adrian Inoa, Anferne Jimenez, Christopher Jodoin, Shawn Kavanaugh, Keenan Kealey, Erik Laflamme, Terrance Lane, Alexander Nirgianakis, William Panzini, Jacob Roy, Mark Scribner, Jake Skusevich, Blake Ward and James Whitcher, Raymond Wilkins. Each had a badge pinned on their new uniforms for the first time by a special person in their life.

“Comprehensive training is the key to excellence and effectiveness in corrections at every level.  We have designed a very demanding training program for recruits to become proficient in many critical areas,” Coppinger said. “Their training will continue throughout their work at the Sheriff’s Department as we are committed to building and maintaining a strong, professional team,” he added.

Coppinger explained the 12-week Basic Training Academy at the college’s Haverhill campus is the final phase of the process to become a correctional officer. Graduates, who come from communities throughout Essex County, are being assigned full-time positions.

Northern Essex’ George Moriarty attended the ceremony and spoke about the mutually beneficial partnership between the college and Sheriff’s Department to provide a location for the Basic Training Academy. A large percentage of law enforcement professionals receive career-related education from community colleges. Northern Essex also offers courses for preparation and/or advancement in corrections careers.

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