Motorcyclists Allegedly Terrorize, Flash Gun at Haverhill Woman, 23, in Road Rage Scene

Police booking photograph shows tattoos, including the word “Mayhem” on Albert Menkello.

Albert Menkello of Malden at Haverhill District Court. (WHAV News photograph.)

A 23-year-old Haverhill woman was allegedly terrorized by a motorcycle gang—where one member “flashed” a pistol—after a “road rage” incident early Saturday afternoon.

Forty-six-year-old Albert Menkello of Malden was arrested by Haverhill Police around 1:30 p.m., Saturday, and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon and two counts of drug possession. An hour earlier, the Haverhill woman said she was driving along River Street near Westgate Center when she was cut off by four motorcyclists.

In Haverhill District Court Monday, Menkello was ordered held without bail, pending a dangerousness hearing this Thursday. Upon arrest, police said, Menkello was found with a 357 magnum Ruger, bullets, brass knuckles, two shanks, several needles, a Xanax pill and five vials of anabolic steroids. Police said Menkello was tattooed and sported the word “Mayhem” on his stomach.

Agreeing to meet at Whirlaway Sports in Methuen, the Haverhill woman told police the motorcyclists drove up behind her on the right shoulder. She assumed they were turning turn right onto Lowell Avenue, but, all four swerved left and cut her off. That caused her and other drivers behind to slam on brakes. When she beeped her horn, the motorcyclists slowed down and two drove to the left side of her car and two to the right. One rider tried to speak with her through her open passenger side window. Minutes later, she observed Menkello, on her left, reach into a saddlebag, pull out a pistol and place it on his lap. The bikers then pulled into a parking area at 1405 River St., near the Methuen line.

One of the motorcyclists later admitted to police they slowed down to “further upset” the woman.

After denying he had a gun on him or his motorcycle, Officer Glenn Fogarty opened Menkello’s saddlebag and was alerted to the Ruger revolver in a brown leather holster. A second firearm—a Smith and Wesson Shield—believed to belong to another one of the bikers, was also found. The firearms and licenses to carry were confiscated by police.

Menkello was by arrested Patrolman Caitlin Beardsley-Brady. Three other men—one each from Methuen and Salem and Hudson, N.H.—were involved and may also face future charges. Police said the motorcyclists are members of Ground Pounder’s Motorcycle Club, said to be affiliated with Hell’s Angels.

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