Nettle Principal, Supt. Marotta Reaffirm Zero Tolerance Policy in Wake of ‘Go Thirty’ School Fights

Dr. Paul Nettle School. (Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News.)

Nettle Middle School Principal Timothy Corkery and Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent Margaret Marotta this week reaffirmed their zero tolerance policy for school violence in the wake of two instances of what they say is a destructive game making its way from social media to local hallways.

In a letter to parents, Principal Corkery alerted Nettle families of two altercations at the Boardman Street school in which fifth grade girls engaged in a game called “Go Thirty.” According to Corkery, students “tell classmates about it ahead of time, someone will time the altercation and another will record the incident with a phone and post on social media.”

Marotta tells WHAV the “Go Thirty” challenge is not specific to Nettle and is happening all over Massachusetts and the country.

“These destructive games come out on social media and we have to pay attention and make sure teachers are discussing them with their students and that parents are aware and also talking with their children,” Marotta said. “We want parents to be aware of these social media trends and talk to their kids about how destructive they can be, just like we are doing at school.”

Any student caught fighting at school for any reason will be suspended, Marotta said. Students who participate by cheering or recording a physical altercation are also subject to disciplinary action.

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