Methuen Officer Recovering After Prisoner Spreads Fentanyl at Police Station

(Courtesy of the Methuen Police Department.)

A Methuen police officer is recovering after a Wednesday night arrest of a man wanted in two states led to fentanyl exposure at the city’s police station, Chief Joseph E. Solomon confirmed.

Twenty-eight-year-old Kyle Dennis was arrested on three outstanding warrants just after 4 p.m. on May 8 and was in the process of being booked at the Methuen police station when a needle fell from his pants, according to police. After officers searched Dennis, he allegedly grabbed a plastic bag that was taped between his legs, ripped it open and spread its contents all over the booking area and onto Officer Patrick Waldron.

Waldron was taken to a local hospital for treatment, Solomon said.

“Tonight we bear witness to two very different people: One, a decorated, honest, good police officer doing his job. The other, a career criminal, gun offender and drug offender wanted in two states on at least four warrants, who was willing to risk his own life and endanger the lives of police officers by his alleged actions,” Solomon said.

Dennis—who was also treated and released at a local hospital—was transported to the Lawrence Police Department for futher processing after the exposure incident. A wanted fugitive in New Hampshire, Dennis had three Massachusetts warrants on charges including firearms possession and receiving a stolen motor vehicle and giving a false name to police, among other offenses.

In addition to his warrants, Dennis also faces charges including fentanyl possession, hindering a police investigation, giving a false name to police, defacement of property and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (fentanyl).

He is expected to be arraigned in Lawrence District Court Thursday.

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